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CEO Greeting


Welcome to our Website!
We will provide warm and Eco-friendly heating that you can easily
meet in your daily life.
1. We have been pursued Eco-friendly products.
It is clear that Eco-friendly products have already become a global trend.
Not only the original function of the product, but also the eco-friendly performance, the consumers never choose it.
The products of Energy Korea INC. have not only the heating performance but also the additional function
of antibacterial and deodorizing, You can get an improvement of life without a power supply throughout the year.
2.We contribute to economy by lowering energy costs.
The upsurge in the cost of energy, including international oil prices, is not a problem for a day or two.
Our products have a performance approved by the government as "NEP certified (New Excellent Product)" and
At least 30% more electricity costs compared with other electric heating, 50% less than oil heating equipment can be saved.
3. We contribute to your health.
Our products are emitting far infrared rays of 4 ~ 14㎛ wavelength which is known to be most effective for life, and transfer the warmth effectively by penetrating deeply to 3 ~ 5cm below our skin without loss, In addition, theand nano components contained in the special coating on the product surface additionally exhibit deodorization (ammonia 73%) performance, They contribute to suppressing odor and bacteria propagation in the indoor environment and help to create a pleasant living environment.
4. We aim at technologies that can be used in industries.
Growth of agricultural and livestock products and promotion of fermentation have been tried many times, but there are still no definite conclusions,But Our technology is promising in this field.Especially, our technology utilizing far infrared ray permeability accelerates fermentation in the case of fermented foods, and promotes growth of agricultural and forestry products.It also contributes to the improvement of the environment by helping to reduce odor of livestock products and to contribute to rapid growth by its deodorizing function.
To Customers,
If you visit our company for a practical experience of what we have told you so far,I am confident that this will be a great opportunity to choose by experiencing our friendly and economical heating
Thank you.