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Product Introduction
Benefits of SUNRADI

썬라디 특징

Offering antibacterial and deodorizing effects, SUNRADI is a
far-infrared radiant heating system for high ceilings that suits health-conscious lifestyles.

Radiant heating which is excellent for heat transfer

Feels 3~4℃ warmer than the convection heating

High-efficiency heating with minimized output loss

Uniform vertical temperature distribution with only about 2℃ difference

Fire-safe due to the use of
   non-combustible materials

No toxic gas emissions

No hazardous microwave

No static electricity

Dust-free, noise-free, vibration-free

Eco-friendly ceramic coating

No dryness due to the use of radiant heating

No damage to skin due to the use of far-infrared energy

Activates body cells and enhances blood circulation

Increases metabolism

Improves immune systems and helps recover from fatigue faster


Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom
School, park and etc
Lobby, Rooms, Corridor
Commercial Spaces
Café, Restaurant, Hairshop
Athletic Facilities
Hot Yoga Studio, Golf practices, Health Club
Agricultural facilities
Cattle house
Industrial Facilities
Factory, Factory office, Storage

You can reduce the cost of heating by 30 ~ 50% compared to the conventional heating systems.

Items Electric Radiator Electric Blow Heater EHP (Electric Heat Pump) Electric Floor Heater SUNRADI
Power Consumption(W) 6,500 5,000 3,500 5,000 3,500
Cost of Installation(\) 800,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,150,000
Monthly Power Consumption(kW) 1,560 1,200 840 1,200 840
Monthly Electricity Cost(\) 144,000 111,000 78,000 111,000 78,000
Monthly Maintenance Cost(\) 3,000
0 0
Monthly Operation Cost(\) 147,000 118,000 91,000 111,000 78,000
Payback Period(months) BASE 24 22 20 5
The required power was calculated based on a space of 33m²
The electricity used for one month was calculated based on 8 hours a day, 30 days a month.
Electricity charges were calculated based on the low-voltage electricity rate of 92.3 / kW (winter time) among the general-purpose electric power (A).
Heat flow of SUNRADI
Heat flow of conventional heating systems

SUNRADI is a radiant heating system where you can have the same warm feeling of the sunlight. Not like the convection heating which uses dry hot air, SUNRADI provides pleasant heating environment. We often experience that the temperature feels different between the sunshine and the shade even if the measured temperature is the same. This is because in the sunshine, the sun's radiant heat is directly transmitted to our body. In addition, the radiant heating transmits heat quickly to every corner of the room.